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Any Candidate with an aggregate of minimum 50% in Graduation (45% of reserved category) from a UGC recognised University can Apply!

why ams- mba?


    Today national & international businesses are a constantly changing environment – shaped by political and economic changes, shifting of geographic boundaries, emerging economies, new strategic alliances and an emphasis on global competition. This business evolution requires new skills and innovative approaches and thus, The AMS MBA.

  • The Academy of Management Studies (AMS) MBA has been designed with unique features to meet the challenges of the fast changing world scenario. This one-of-a-kind program prepares students for rapid changes in the National & International market place. It uniquely fulfills the business world’s demands for an MBA graduate with the ability to understand and manage complex business processes in a National & global environment.

  • AMS program will integrate intensive cross-cultural training in marketing, financial and personal decision making with a pragmatic business orientation. Additions in the curriculum have been made with your success in mind. Because for us, an MBA is more than a university-designed curriculum; it is a step students take to become leaders.

  • Giving the edge

    • Mandatory field training through Internships
    • Business seminars
    • Computer literacy & simulations
    • Corporate visits
    • Real time case studies in active groups
    • Communication and personality development classes
    • Presentations & proposals by students at the end of the course
    • Interactive seminars with corporate czars

  • We make you global leaders!

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    Practical Experience

    Dr. Mohammed Haseebullah
    Chairman / Director. | View Profile

    The root word of Management is to Manage.  Every one of us from a labour, a housewife, a clerk, a technician to the top echelon of companies “Manage” – A domestic housewife manages the entire family – from budgeting on domestic purchase to taking care of the daily chores.  Her work involves almost all aspects of management – HR (maids, servants, gardener etc), Finance (bills, school fees, home budgets), Marketing (price of onions, bargaining on commodities, comparing prices etc), PR (relatives, in laws, friends etc), Strategy and Planning (marriages, festivals. Family outings etc) – in short management touches every one irrespective of their work or station in life. Management is an integral part of our lives and we all have some basic traits of management “in born” and some learn it as we grow.

    So the question is why do we need to go to a business school to learn Management?
    The answer is very simple – today’s national and international business and corporate world has undergone major metamorphosis – the corporate environment is changing rapidly.  Change in political and economic strategies, geographic boundaries, emerging markets, new strategic alliances and emphasis on global competition, complex work place issues and the list can go on.  New equations need new solutions.  New challenges need new approaches. The most extensively used words in the new millennium have been “globalization” and “competition”.  Our age is referred as the age of information. 

    So change is the essence of our times.  For example I recall when I did my MBA way back in 1981 – a new word was introduced “Personnel Management” – as time went by despite rapid industrialization and automation – the importance of human workforce emerged as more vital than machines and the word changed to “Human resources” – and again this has changed to “Human Capital” – emphasis is now given more to “emotional intelligence” rather than just IQ.  Another example are the famous 4 P – in marketing – Product, price, place and promotion – in present times two more P were added Politics and Public Opinion. Thus as values change, concepts change, new economic and the workplace gets more and more competitive and complex – there is a need to learn and acquire the new knowledge.  There has been enormous research and development in the field of management over the past few decades.  New equations need new process and solutions.
    Management education thus fulfils this void.

    We at AMS still have a strong belief that the qualities of management is inborn in every individual – thus our course is designed to bring out those inherent qualities in our students, to refine their knowledge and make them better managers.  We do not believe in “teaching” – we believe in the learning process.  In my personality development lectures around the world I begin my presentation with the famous quote of  -- Galileo Galilei the famous 16th century Italian scientist:

    “You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.”

    Yes, at AMS other than the prescribed course of the University, we will help you discover your potential, to reinvent yourself, to upgrade your soft skills – that is the AMS credo – that is the AMS mission.

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