An MBA is not a post-graduate degree anymore; it is a recognition a professional achieves to truly demonstrate his/her ability as a highly skilled leader in this competitive world. Corporate offices today are on a lookout for people who, while scoring a good percentage in their exams, also demonstrate that their MBA learning was just not coursework but a series of activities, experiences and learning that made the student competent, observant and ready for challenges.

The AMS MBA is an AICTE approved, Osmania University affiliated institution, so are many hundreds of other colleges. What gives us the edge over these other MBA colleges is that the AMS truly believes in nurturing its students and making them job-ready candidates. AMS believes in providing for its students an environment of active learning and eager participation for a more practical approach to MBA. For this very reason, The AMS Advantage and its salient features:

  1. Mandatory field training through Internships
    All students of AMS are required to take up internships at the end of each year. During this internship, students will be taught various work ethics and operational modules in a more real-time environment. The internships are either arranged by the students themselves or with the assistance of the AMS Placement Cell. This unique but mandatory program ensures that all its students have 4 months of on-hands experience at a workplace of their liking.
  1. Interactive Business Seminars
    Each semester witnesses a business seminar being conducted by the AMS for its students. As with the learning, the Business Seminars keep getting more and more detailed, finer and specific as you advance through your semesters. These business seminars, apart from felicitating well-known speakers, will also feature workshops for a more advanced and technical understanding of the subject.

  2. Computer literacy & simulations
    One of the most important but mostly ignored aspect of MBA – understanding how to do things. From creating excel sheet charts to maintaining performance reviews to writing letters to understanding new programmes and yes, most importantly, becoming a pro at making power point presentations. It’s a digital era we live in and no MBA is complete without the student being a master at using Office applications and other software.

  3. Corporate visits
    Remember the industrial tour you or your engineering friends used to take. Well, this gets a lot better. Special arrangements will be done by the placement department so that you can go around and have a look at the way work is done at corporate offices. Interactions with already working employees and HR department, understanding codes and conduct and visualizing a dynamic process will be a part of the Corporate Visit.
  1. Real time case studies in active groups
    While case studies are mostly done by a professor on the white board – we at AMS have adapted to a different learning module. The case studies are first solved and resolved by teams and then presented to the professor for an analysis with the entire class. This is just one example. We, at AMS, want to infuse practicality into everything.

  2. Presentations & proposals by students at the end of the course
    All AMS MBA students, at the end of their course, have to present a new business plan and redesign an existing product plan and present it in front of a panel of judges. This gives each student a unique learning opportunity wherein they toy with their ideas on entrepreneur-ship.

  3. Unique AMS curriculum
    Lastly but the most important of all is the Unique AMS curriculum, which outdoes and outshines any other MBA curriculum by injecting the most vital of information, knowledge, process and learning into its students. Although AMS follows the Osmania University curriculum for its coursework, it has also brought in a new concept of advanced teaching, which will give the students at AMS a competitive edge no other institute can match. Please go to The AMS Curriculum to know more about what else you learn at AMS.