Unique Learning Experience

Learning is not only reading, by hearting and writing an exam paper to get 70% grade. Learning is an on-going phenomena, which can never be stopped and thus, in many stages of life, learning is made into a fun experience so that we never get bored of it and stop the evolution. We at AMS have brought the same fun learning mantra into the classrooms. Students at AMS learn while having fun – in pairs, groups, teams or simply alone by indulging into the various activities and exposures we have arranged for them. At AMS, there is no stopping students from what they want to do and how they want to do it as long as they are doing it.

AMS Students will have a practicum with several industries and corporations in a tailored program. Excellent rapport with local industries and multinational corporations will allow AMS students field trips and interaction with these organizations as part of their practicum. Learning is done on a peer-to-peer basis with exchange of ideas and knowledge.

The curriculum emphasizes the latest technology for solving complex business problems. Computer aided programs, Audio-visual presentation, self Analysis Video clips, central monitors etc will help the AMS students to acquire the skills and innovative approaches needed to compete more effectively as managers.

At AMS, the students will share class assignments with their fellow students in an environment that builds understanding and effective communication. Role playing, teamwork and interactive projects are the cornerstone of this program. This leads to the foundation for development of problem solving and analytical skills.

At AMS, we believe in the power of recreation. For this very purpose, the campus has been equipped with facilities like Billiards, Tennis court, Basketball court, a small swimming pool, Table tennis room, Volley ball court, Badminton court and a reading room plus lounge that will be available for usage during recreational hours.

AMS management information and library service, will provide for its students, an access to books, resources and references to management and MBA related enquiries in addition to the latest developments and facts in the global markets, which is a critical aspect of the AMS MBA. Training videos and equipments will be a part of this center. Resource materials will include books, periodicals, organization charts, job description, policy statements etc. The center will also feature an in-house computer database indexing company profiles, pamphlets, e-zines, articles etc.


The Curator Club is haven of learning for students wishing to enrich their knowledge through observation, realization and adaptation. The Curator Club hosts smaller learning clubs such as the Reader’s Club, the Debate Club, the Writer’s Club, the Dramatics Club, the Extempore Club and the Den Club. These clubs are chaired by students who have excelled in the respective fields or by staff/ admin members who have done it. As usual, AMS believes in not limiting its students to anything and thus allows its students to join all clubs and even introduce new clubs only if they follow the club and college rules.